Cum sa pui un buton donatie paypal pe blog wordpress

How To Put PayPal Donate Button on WordPress Blog

This is pretty simple just like what you see on my blog.

I adapted this method from Thanks to sockcavern.

So, here we go:

Make sure you have a PayPal account.
Login in to your PayPal account.
On the tab bar, choose “Merchant Tools”.
In the left sidebar, choose “Website Payment Standards”.
Under “Website Payment Standards” choose “Feature List”.
Scroll down. Under “Payment Processing Options” find “Donations”.
Click “Set it up”.
In the “Donation Name/Service” field, enter a name for the project.
In the “Donation ID/Number” field, you can enter any number or leave it blank.
In the “Donation Amount” field, leaving it blank lets the donor decide how much to give.
Choose a currency and country. (Probably that which you expect to receive most donations in and from, but you can choose any you like.)
Scroll down to “Security Settings”.
Choose “No” (Your email address will display to the donor, but the transaction will be secure.)
Click “Create Button Now”.
Ignore the “HTML Code for Websites” box. I said ignore it.
In the “Link for Emails” box, there is another code. Copy it.
Modify the code you have copied with change below:
Please make some donations
Open your WordPress Dashboard, go to “Presentation”.
Click on “Widgets”.
Make sure you have drag “Text 1″ onto left side panel.
Give a title for the widget, for example “Donations” then paste the code there.
If you want to make your button in center position, just put

in beginning then

in ending of code line.
Save your widget change by clicking “Save Changes” button.
Congratulations! You just have a PayPal Donation button.

PS: You can change the button look by choosing one of these:

Copy image link of button you have choosed then replace it in . You can just even create your own button if you wanted to.

I hope this will worthy for you. Happy donating! 😉

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