Die Too Young -The Quakes

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Die Too Young- The Quakes

This song was originally written and recorded in London in November of 1988.The song was inspired by the death of Dave”the ace Hoy in October 88. The video is a tribute to him and the early days of The Quakes.
The song was meant to be for a solo album and was never released.The song has been re written and changed quite a bit from the early version.

The clips and pictures in this video range from 1984 to 1987.Sorry about the grainy video transferred from VHS tape. In the video you will see The various bands that Dave and I had prior to The Quakes. The Runaway Boys-Teenage Rebels-The Rockin Wildkatz-The Quiffs and finally The Quakes. You can see the gradual change in our look. The last clips you see of The Quakes were from about May or June of 1987- We did not go to Europe until October of that year. The original sound on those videos is very poor quality because it was just one mic on the fixed camera. The club would tape your show if you gave them a blank VHS tape. It was very useful for us to critique our performances so many of the shows were taped (I have more 🙂

Die too young/ words and music by Paul Roman/Orrexx publishing /Orrexx records/ASCAP

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